We Equip Photographers with the Tools, Network & Training Needed to Make $10k+ Per Month Shooting Real Estate 🚀

For photographers, by photographers. We teach people (with or without prior photography experience) how to shoot real estate photos, videos & 3d tours so they can build profitable businesses and lives they love.

Here's How We Can Help YOU Build A Successful Real Estate Media Business!👇

Whether you're new to photography, an experienced photographer who has never shot real estate, or an established real estate photographer our goal is to help you crush it in this awesome niche within the photography industry!


Step 1: Watch Our Free Real Estate Photography Workshop

We do things differently and we want the chance to show you that by giving you access to a free 60 minute workshop where Eli, the owner of real estate media company Norman & Young, will show you why real estate photography has such great potential & how you can take advantage of the opportunity that it provides!

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Step 2: Join Real Estate Photographer Pro

Join REPP & get started! Real Estate Photographer Pro includes our "business in a box" training material & direct coaching and mentorship that will help you start and grow your business! In REPP, we cover everything from presets, software, camera gear, editing, and shooting - to business principles, customer service, and systems. This course will provide you the blueprint to success as a real estate photographer AND we'll be there right along side you to coach and mentor you through the process!

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Step 3: Access the REPP Members Only Facebook Group

One of the biggest assets that you get once you join REPP is our private members only Facebook group! This extremely active group of 4200+ students will be your new community of supporters as you build your business, and will always be here to answer your questions. This is also where Eli hosts weekly live Q&As where you can come ask him any questions you have!

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What we say doesn't really matter... but what they say does!


"Eli and his REPP course has been invaluable to me and my new business startup this past year. He has created a beautiful community of RE photographers that daily encourage, inquire and challenge each other. He and his team lead weekly Q&A sessions that are incredibly helpful and they are always available to answer questions and respond in a very timely manner. I was honestly on the fence for a while, but when I finally pulled the trigger back in the fall, this course opened up my world. I am very grateful for this team and the community they have pulled together!"

Kingsley Bryant

Real Estate Photographer Pro Member

"Taking Eli’s course was the best decision I could have made. I wouldn’t have started my business without this course. This isn’t your typical course where you watch videos and that’s it. It is way beyond that! Eli and is team are always willing to answer an questions you might have. They also have weekly live Q&A sessions and photo critiques. The private Facebook group is great as well. Thousands of people with different experience levels all willing to share ideas and help you succeed. Do yourself a favor and buy this course."

David Masterson

Real Estate Photographer Pro Member

"I really love the way Eli explains real estate photography. I knew nothing about it and after taking his real estate photography pro course, I am doing it and making money. He starts in the beginning by giving step-by-step instructions on how to do everything. My favorite part is that him and his staff really care and have answered all of my questions I’ve ever emailed in and have gone above and beyond to help me. I highly recommend his course for people who are interested in real estate photography, even if you know nothing about it."

Shira Lani Peters

Real Estate Photographer Pro Member

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