About Real Estate Photographer Pro

Get to know us! P.S. we usually just go by "the REPP team"... 😎

The Founder

Eli, a college dropout turned entrepreneur, built a thriving real estate photography business called Norman & Young from the ground up. With over 35 staff across two different companies and millions in revenue, he has 10 years of hard-earned wisdom to share with REPP members. His expertise helps our members fast-track their success and avoid the "starving artist" stereotype, allowing them to quickly build profitable photography businesses.

The Mission

Our goal is to empower people like you, regardless of photography experience, to build a successful and profitable business shooting real estate photos, videos, and 3D tours. Together, we can end the stereotype of the "starving artist" and show that making a good living as a photographer is achievable with the right strategies and tactics. Real estate photography offers unmatched consistency and scalability, making it the what we believe to be the best photography niche!

The Average Photog vs. A REPP Photog

Many photographers struggle to make money because they follow poor business advice, not because photography isn't lucrative. Our "business first" approach prioritizes customer service and helps our members generate consistent, recurring revenue. This gives our members a solid foundation and eliminates the "feast or famine" cycle that plagues many in the photography industry.