About Real Estate Photographer Pro

Get to know us! P.S. we usually just go by "the REPP team"... 😎

The Founder

Eli is a college dropout turned photography business owner who built a real estate photography business called Norman & Young from the ground up to 20+ employees and millions in cumulative revenue.

During this process he tested and refined concepts to grow photography businesses both quickly and profitable - ending the concept of the "starving artist"... for REPP members at least! 

The Mission

To provide people like you, with or without photography experience, the opportunity to build a profitable business shooting real estate photos, videos & 3D tours - and forever end the stereotype of the "starving artist". We believe that making lots money as a photography IS possible with the right processes and tactics. We believe that Real Estate Photography is the single best opportunity within photography because of the consistency and scalability it provides.

The Average Photog vs. A REPP Photog

The reason so many photographers are unable to make money is because the industry is full of bad business advice, not because photography can't be lucrative. We take a "business first" approach that values customer service above all creating consistent, recurring revenue for our members. This gives our members a solid base and removes the "feast or famine" cycle that occurs for so many in the photography industry.